Fairfax is recognised as the country’s business authority and agenda-setter, having played a central role in not only informing, but shaping, the business landscape of the nation for over 60 years.  Fairfax Business Events aim to set the agenda for Australia’s business prosperity at the crossroads of the new global order. Delivering informative, aspirational and compelling content for unrivalled executive engagement, Fairfax Business Events are the must attend events and conferences for Australia’s Business Leaders.  

Content and Ad led events generate news and provide a platform for audience interaction between advertisers and corporate partners. These events provide access to the extensive Fairfax reader through stimulating and innovative events and activations.

The Business Conference Series sets the agenda on a number of national business issues. From personal wealth to diversity, Fairfax conferences demonstrate a commitment to being Australia’s most trusted business and investment news source. With a network of national and global experts, alongside outstanding journalistic talent, the business conferences offer a unique perspective in the market and provides relevant business interactions, exceptional content and unique experiences.